Products for Sale

Options for Above Ground Pools
  • Stainless Steel Panel (Available on some models and sizes) – Will not rust, pool lasts longer
  • Power Ionizer – Does not use chlorine tabs, saves time and money getting water balanced.
  • Pool Frog – Uses minerals instead of Chlorine tabs.  Also saves time and money getting water balanced.
  • Steps – Instead of a ladder, you can get steps to walk up and down to get in and out of your pool.  Numerous options, 30” wide, 38” wide, blue molded steps, and other options may be available.
  • Lights – Numerous light options,
    • Aqualuminator – Lighted return
    • Main Access light – mounts to any step, or will float.  Changes colors, rechargeable battery and has a remote control.
    • Night Lighter  – Can be mounted on wall, under any rail around the pool.
  • Hard Plumbing – Instead of Flex hosing for filter, have PVC pipes.  This will last much longer, and you will have better water flow.
  • Main Drains – Get 2 drains on the floor of you pool.  This helps with water flow, and cleaning of the pool.  With this option, hard plumbing filter also included.
  • Armor Shield Pad – A pad that goes between the sand base of the pool, and the liner.  Helps protect the liner from vegetation growth, rocks, etc.
  • Wall Foam – A layer of foam between the pool wall and the liner.  Also helps to insulate.
  • Pool Cove – A foam cove for the transition between the pool wall and pool floor.  Normal cove is made from the sand bottom.
  • Salt System – There are a few Salt Systems available for the above ground pools.  This is not an option we recommend but it is available.  If you choose this option, you will need to have a pool warranted for salt.
  • Chemicals in bulk – We offer chemicals you may need in bulk for cost savings.  If you know what chemicals you want or need, we will can get them for you, and even deliver them to you if you order before we come out.
***We also offer New and Used Hot Tubs.  Ask about a package deal with a new pool and Hot tub.  You can save up to $500 when you buy both